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Wordpress Booking System for Vacation Rentals

It has become very common today to have sites to publish its online rental offers. This is actually a boon for homeowners especially as vacationers go more and more on the web to find their locations. But a site of rental of season will nevertheless be presentable and especially practical with applications that would facilitate the task for both visitors and owners. Here's what the Wordpress CMS and Lodgify software offer.

Direct online booking and payment

This system is simple. It is a software to install on the website created via the Wordpress CMS in which a real rental site is already arranged. Already, the owner of the site can benefit from the first advantages of this software from its installation because now it can receive all the reservations coming from customers in real time. To meet these reservations, the innkeeper can easily automatically manage his availability and free places in his dwellings and automatically validate the booking coming from the customer. This wordpress booking plugin is all the more interesting because it also facilitates the transaction by an online payment. From the wordpress reservation site, the owner can accept a payment by credit card very secure with the SSL system and all the currencies are admissible.

The advantages of the Booking system

In addition to being a booking program that works for customers and for site owners to rent, this system is also a program that can largely help an owner to manage different areas. So if a seasonal renter has several residences or houses for rent, he can quietly take care of the management of these places, booking and payments from the site via this unique application. This goes without saying the efficiency of this engine which is both easy to install but that everyone can customize according to his desire. With Wordpress and Lodgify softwares, online leasing evolves and becomes more convenient for both homeowners and holidaymakers looking for a location (airbnb).

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