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Can you hide database ?

The use of PHP in the field of web application development is very common now. This effervescence is due to the many benefits that the concept provides both the speed of the action on the possible applications it offers. This is especially true when talking about hiding the database with PHP.

PHP usage benefits

Many benefits explain the use of this language by php web developers. All these benefits are consistent practice to know HTML fragments that are present in the PHP pages thus avoiding the use of tons of commands to display the HTML in question. It will just include the PHP code between a start tag end tag to allow the web server to switch to PHP mode. One of the specificities of PHP is also located on the code to run on the server to generate HTML. The latter will then be sent to the customer in form of result without having access to the code that led to this result. The web server can also be set to scan HTML files as PHP files so there is no way to distinguish dynamically generated pages and static pages.

Caching of queries

Techniques to cache query were specified by the magneto developer. Specifically, there are four possible ways to cache a query. Above all, there is the SQL hint of use for each query that is an SQL comment. As comment, it will be ignored by the database. A request is considered eligible for caching if it starts with a SQL trick enabling caching, or if it is a SELECT query type. The second method will be based on the use of a supplied callback function for decision making for each request, for example, using the mysqlnd_qc_is_select () function. Then comes the use of mysqlnd_set_cache_condition () function for automatic rules for each request. And finally, there is the use of mysqlnd_qc.cache_by_default = 1afin configuration directive to cache all requests blindly.

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