Web development

Developers are perfect geeks !

Being a developer today is a job that requires a lot of knowledge in several areas. This versatility and this broad IT knowledge of current developers are making them true geeks. We will see why they are often comparing to geeks.

Always be on standby to not be out-of-date

Developers are always on the lookout for the latest news on development. To do this, they will need to hold a computer survey. In fact, new technologies are constantly evolving, developers should be aware of major developments, updates software and various development platforms, new techniques and new programming languages that are born. For example, magento developers need to be informed of new updates to the platform, but also the latest news that shook the community because of the solutions to bugs or implement new ways or new plugins developped by other members.

This constant monitoring and passion for new technologies pose as developers for real geeks. Besides being absolutely passionate about new technology, most developers are true fans of the 7th art and video games.

Developers seek inspiration everywhere

Good developers are those who have probably a good culture. They are often aware of the latest releases from Manga or Comics, but also the latest blockbusters from Hollywood. It is often in these movies, TV shows and magazines that developers geeks get their inspiration. Indeed, it is common for geeks find challenges or problems to solve in these magazines, these films and these video games.

Moreover, what is making developers real geeks is also this ability to be self-taught. In fact, most developers love to learn by themselves; They are enthusiasts who can spend hours and hours in a keep learning new development techniques and technological survey. They draw their inspiration from all this universe in order to sharpen their senses and abilities. That’s why real developers, regardless their development domain, are very geeks.

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