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Every employee is always asking for a good level of company life, with a minimum of liberty. And we can tell that there are many companies, which are now offers this possibility, and more.

A free company

It is important for everybody to have to work at their ease, even if they are behind their desk. And we can tell that there are nowadays some startup or medium companies, which is presenting this possibility. But we must bear in mind that, we didn’t talk here about freelancers, which are working comfortably, in their sofa, in their own sweet home. However, in order to put this comfortable environment in company’s area, some php company have changed their rules, in a way to make people wanted to spend time in. And, it is important to remember, that is greatly working for some companies, like it was a bad idea for some others.

A company which is growing with employees

Even if they are seen as a free company, we must remember that they are still turning under some rules, in order to ensure the work’s quality. And for increasing their image, more companies are offering to their php programmer, all the needed stuff, which can help them to stay concentrated to their works, and presenting a good result. For example, in this php company, the company is daily offering free healthy foods, coffee and tea, to their employee. Apart healthcare, dental insurance and RRSP group, this company is also offering a flexible hour to their employee, and some are benefited of an outstanding downtown location. And in order to let their employee feeling like at home, company is also giving them the possibility to have time for beer and chocolates, in the company’s area.

It is true that for increasing the employee’s production, it is important to motivate them, in order to make them love their work and their workplace in the same occasion.

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