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Free open source of Magento on this website

If the market is actually wants to develop the web, Magento will be a must. With its many advantages, it will be the ideal tool to better manage each website specializing in e-commerce. This site has been specially developed in order to play a free open source Magento. Only, before you really take the plunge, it is important to understand the concept.

Magento is a Must

What it will primarily be noted is that Magento is software that manages especially e-commerce content. It is a specialized software that has been founded on the basics of Zend Framework. Professionals in the field as magento development company it is ensured that this software has several licenses namely EC or open source community edition and an Enterprise Edition. The first version is certainly not as complete as that for companies, but it will provide results also spotless nonetheless. When talking about Magento advantages, particularly reference is made to a push catalog management and pricing rules for e-tailers. This will allow them to create a panel larger compared to promotions beginning with boutiques promotions to the specific and targeted promotions.

Magento than benefits

The use of magento is not effervescent for nothing. It must be said that the many benefits of this software make it very popular. We speak in particular of its functionality whether in the back office or front office. Already at the back office function, the benefits will be situated mainly on the fact that Magento is a multi-boutique platform. Specifically, it will be possible to manage multiple e-commerce sites with a single administrative interface. The richness of its functions enable an overall site management. As for what is in front office functions, they will be based more on product management. Especially we speak of changing sheets since it will be possible to put several photos on a single sheet, zoom functionality on these photos, comprehensive way of product management, search engine optimization on the site and the ability to compare products.

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