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Specializing in offshore web hosting

A server is essential to enable a website to function. Whether you choose a shared server or a dedicated one, obviously you absolutely have to choose one anyway. Nowadays more and more businessmen decide to choose an offshore server to host their website. Indeed, there are many different reasons to host a website offshore.

Why would you need an offshore server ?

Firstly, an offshore server protects your website from ddos attacks : all your datum are strictly anonymous, so the hackers cannot threat you or blackmail you to claim some money. But if you simply want to remain anonymous, an offshore server is the perfect solution for you. Moreover, an offshore server is particularly useful for a businessman who lives in a country affected by censorship : the local authorities have not any legal power on the server, and they do not even have access to your anonymous informations. However, a reliable offshore hosting service can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there are some specialized societies, like Koddos for example, which provide solutions for an Offshore Web Hosting.

Koddos has the best offshore hosting service

As offshore web hosting specialist, Koddos provide some efficient and reliable solutions to host your website in another country. The society has a datacenter based is Hong Kong, to enable the businessmen who target an international audience to be at the heart of one of the biggest financial and commercial hubs. And is you are afraid of being victim of hacking, Koddos also provides you a protection against the ddos attacks : the team analyzes permanently your traffic, to be able to detect any kind of suspicious thing. If a ddos attack is detected, the traffic is sent through a cleaning center to be purified. This way, all the ddos attacks are eliminated, and your website is able to run normally, without being interrupted.

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