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The programming languages to learn first

Currently, the supply of programming languages ​​is plentiful and interesting. But there are languages ​​that have the options best suited to your needs.

The point of view of a programming expert

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of programming, you should know that there is no definitive programming language. This should seem familiar, unless you're one of those who prefer interpreted languages, such as JavaScript. But if you are a fan of codes and prefer the combined languages, it will not be strange to work with 2 versions simultaneously. And it only means that you will always find innovation in each another important point to consider about the limitations of language use. Although some are highly portable to any operating system, others are difficult to achieve in other conditions.

Why do you want to learn to program?

It is likely that, depending on what you want to program or what the choice is already done even if you do not already know it. To program Web pages, for example, you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and maybe php programmers for interactivity. If your goal is only to develop mobile applications, you must first learn Objective-C for iOS or Java for Android. If you want to go beyond a specific project or learn several languages, the best thing to do is learn the basics of programming and learn to "think like a programmer." In this sense, even applications and methods to teach programming to children may be helpful. Logically in the academy code programmers’ schools like Harvard, one learns to handle the CS50 the first year. The first programming language you learn will be the most difficult.

Ultimately, there is no unique way to get into programming. The most important thing is to learn the basics and, for this, the best thing to do is to rack their brains trying to achieve a specific project or application you want to develop.

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