Web development

Why developers are not social ?

It is quite normal that each profession can have its own stereotype of professionalism. This is also the case with regard to web development. In general, imagine a web developer as introverted people even antisocial. Geeks who only stand in front of their computers. People with glasses that have only one purpose in life, to perform more to become the best in software development, web and other site without the need for a "completely normal life." Yet the reality is quite something else.

Developers, fathers and husbands

According to a study conducted recently, more than half of existing web developers across the globe are either married or fathers. So rare are those who are single, contrary to what most people think. In all, about 70% of web developers are a couple and / or married. Only 3% are divorce phase. Developers can then get a life. They can have fun, live normally like everyone else and are not necessarily antisocial people. They have a curious personality that is constantly evolving. That is why they are improving day by day in their field.

A degree in particular?

Creative agencies including ruby ​​on rails development company claimed to have at least 94% of male developers and about 14% of female developers within their teams.

Today, becoming a web developer does not necessarily require any degree that the recession may be the cause that could push some to spend their PhD or Masters. Most developers have in their thirties or even less.

In general, developers are not antisocial. The proof, the majority holder eg helmets on the ears while they work. This proves that they can listen to music or do not necessarily want to disturb anyone. Anyway, the image that most people have with developers including tile and large glasses shirts are only found in more than advertisements.

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