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Top 5 mistakes php developers make

The development of PhP applications must be done according to the best practices. It is not uncommon for developers to make mistakes, mistakes that can be avoided. Here is a top 5 of the errors php programmers often make.

Confuse Return by Value to Return by Reference

This error is often made by php developer when calling the value of an array. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see a php developer typing lines of code that returns tables by value and not by value. By default, PHP is a language that will return the table called by value. If you want to specify that the program returns the table by reference, it must be explicitly indicated using the & operator.

Forgetting to Configure Backups

A good programmer always has to set up backups. It seems so obvious that most programmers don’t do it right. It is not necessary to make backups every hour. The ideal solution would be to set up daily backups so that you don’t lose your code and save time during a server or hard drive crash. This also applies when you work for customers. Don’t forget to make backups of your projects.

Confusing the Operator of Affection and Comparison

You might think this is a beginner’s mistake, but even experienced developers can make this mistake. Indeed, given the hours that programmers can spend, confusing the operator (=) with the comparison operator (==) is sometimes frequent. However, to avoid this kind of error, some developers use the Yoda syntax method. This method changes the order of condition and value; this will result in if (“value” == $condition) …

Suppressing Errors

Avoiding generic php errors can be a good idea, especially since these errors are usually benign. For example, the warning messages of the php version you are using. To do this, the @ operator is very useful. However, it is an operator used with the utmost caution.

Do Not Secure Your SQL Database

Many people use php with a MySQL database. SQL injection attacks are among the most frequent attacks on the internet. You can avoid SQL instructions online and prefer prepared statements or parameterized queries.

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